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16 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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For those who are interested, I've uploaded a new website today at the Mod Profile Center website. This way, the Mod Profile Center will have an easier overview of how, what, when and where. Why don't you take a look? It doesn't bite. [*] Mod Profile Center Website You are very welcome to register of course. The website itself is still a little bit under construction, but the most things has been done. Forums are as well integrated with the website, so if you register on the site.. You'll be registered on the forums as well. Do remember that all the Mod Profiles will still stay at hl2files.com.. I just made it for the Mod Profile Center so people can easily hover to the forums, news, frequently asked questions and so on.. And for those who have requested a modification to be added in the Mod Profile List, possible the user can re-create a thread in the forums? Once again, interested in checking it out? Go look! [*] Mod Profile Center Website Regards, Skyrider

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