More Mod Profiles, Mod Profile Enhancement & Skyrider's Xfire Information.

17 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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First, wanted to let you know that i created 12 more Mod Profiles. They are not all finished just yet, but will be released shortly. For those who are interested, It's the following mods that will be added to the Profile Center once done: Half-Life 1 Mods: Half-Life: Rally Half-Life 2 Mods: Lethal Agents Who Dares Wins NeoForts Vendetta Source Fortress Forever Ghetto Blaster Dino Instinct In Flanders Field Defender of Mankind Obsidian Conflict Zombie Panic I also wanted to say that i will improve the older Mod Profiles as well, such as SourceForts Mod Profile, D.E.A.D Mod Profile, and many others. And also will finish those who are not even finished yet. Also, If some of the older links are not working, that may be because I've changed them due the reason they really needed to be changed. Last, for those who didn't knew, i also have Xfire. If you wish, you can add me under the username "Skyrid3r". Regards, Skyrider (Site Administrator at HL2Files.com)

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