NeoTokyo - February Media

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It has been a busy start to the year for everyone and team Radi-8 is no exception. We've been going over our final to-do list and are getting pumped for the upcoming release of NeoTokyo. As we continue development we'd like to provide you all with more media to prepare you for what to expect-

NT Map Previews
nt_map_hosu_tn.jpg  nt_map_inaka_tn.jpg  nt_map_maws_tn.jpg

NT Weapon Previews
nt_weapon_zrl_tn.jpg  nt_weapon_jitteshort_tn.jpg

NT Character Previews
nt_player_jinrai_support01_tn.jpg  nt_player_nsf_support01_tn.jpg

NT Music Preview

With the release coming up and our soundtrack complete and being printed as we speak. We will be hosting an Official NeoTokyo competition with the winner recieving the NeoTokyo Soundtrack on CD in our custom designed CD case. We will be announcing the competition soon as well as details and rules so keep an eye on our profile. You can listen to tracks off our NT Music Player by clicking on the image below.

musicet5.jpg -Studio Radi-8

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