NeoTokyo: Source Official Trailer & December Media

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Heya, We promised the public more media and and here it is with our NeoTokyo: Source Official Trailer-


As promised here is another of our media release as well as our Official NeoTokyo: Source Trailer. We're already working on the next and will be announcing a release date very soon, so be sure to watch this profile for more.

Now on with the media-


NT Map Previews
nt_map_iyashi_tn.jpg  nt_map_yokocho_tn.jpg

NT Weapon Previews
nt_weapon_mosokshort_tn.jpg  nt_weapon_srms_tn.jpg  nt_weapon_aa13_tn.jpg  nt_weapon_mpn_tn.jpg

NT Character Previews
nt_player_jinrai_recon01_tn.jpg  nt_player_nsf_recon01_tn.jpg

NT Music Preview
-Check out more of our music-

We're all very excited about the upcoming release and hope you enjoy what you see so far.
-Studio Radi-8


Thanks, Brian "Tatsur0" Comer NT Developer & PR

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