No More Room In Hell Interview with Interlopers

By Azzkiker 16 years ago, last updated 7 years ago

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Blink over at Interlopers.net has recently interviewed 3pidemiC from the [url="http://www.nomoreroominhell.com/"]NMRIH[/url] team on their mod's progress. Here's a snippet: [quote][b]Can you update us on the current production situation of the mod? Are you managing to implement all the features you planned to? [/b] Honestly, we are on the most straightforward streak of progress that we have ever had in our four years of development. Our developer builds of the game are being updated with new content and everything is really coming together. We’re certainly making sure that we have all of our code done and ready before we implement the simple things such as weapons or sounds. A mistake that most mods make (and a mistake that we have made in the past) is that they get simple things such as weapons and hand models in game, but that’s it. There is no code that really is the foundation of the game itself. As far as our features go, I think that we’re making surprising progress in there. I say surprising because there are things being implemented that we never thought were possible. We’ve already implemented our first gameplay mode; Survival into our build. Our zombie AI has been perfected to function in a way that a true zombie fan would be proud of. The infection system has been written, oh yes, and barricading is just about done too. Of course there are some very ambitious things that we thought of and were suggested way back in the day that (at least right now) will not be there. So things such as driveable vehicles and invisible cyber-zombies ( ) will not be in the first set up builds. [/quote] Check out the [url="http://www.interlopers.net/index.php?page=nmrih-interview"]full interview over HERE[/url].

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