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After one and a half years, we have finally finished Obsidian Conflict version 1.3. There are lot of reasons for the many delays (real life, bugs popping out of nowhere, and the change to the Orange Box engine, which brought the mod back to a very broken stage and stifled our passion), but in the end we finally made it and we are proud to present you version 1.3, which is a gigantic step forward from the now-crippled version 1.23. New features, new maps and the full Half-Life 2 and Episodes story playable in co-op is what you will get with 1.3. So what are you waiting for? Head over to the downloads section and get your copy today!

*Changes / Additions

- Now using the Episode 2 Engine. - Added Several HDR material fixes. Some textures were too bright or not setup correctly. - Added Ironsights. Mapper or server operator chooses whether this is allowed. - With Ironsights, it is possible to turn off the crosshair to give gameplay a twist. - Alyxgun can now be used by the player, complete with model and two fire modes. ( Burst and Auto ) - Added giveat cheat command to give weapons on the floor where the player is looking. - Can now use custom client-side player models (if other clients also have your model, they will see you using it). - Weapon_scripted can be used by npcs. - Many other additions to weapon_scripted. - More npc_zombie custom hammer settings for custom models. - NPC lag compensation added to increase the chance of hitting NPCs if you have a high ping. - npc_merchant complete. - Custom NPC bounding boxes. Makes large headcrabs possible, etc... - Can spawn Jeeps in certain levels ( Mapper choice ). - Ichthyosaur now functional. - Added npc_mortarsynth. - Entity to create teleport effects (sprite, lightning beams, and sound). - Flag on npcs that only take damage from explosions to allow bullets to damage them. - Made multiple env_fog_controllers possible and per-player fog. - Point_viewcontrols now give the player godmode and notarget while in use. - Added sv_forcehardleveltransitions to always make hl2dm-like transitions through trigger_changelevels. - Added an option to trigger_changelevel to select a specific modify file for the next map to use. - Added prediction similar to the physcannon's with objects picked up with +use - Players collide with each other again. - Medkit/Healer can be dropped again, but no extra ammo gained from picking it up. - Added a random weapon option to most npcs that can use weapons. - Added an input for game_text entities which allows them to print math_counter values on the screen. - Added sv_ep1searchpath convar to allow for dynamic mounting/unmounting of episode one content. - Added sv_freezesearchpaths to prevent the game from automatically enabling sv_ep1searchpath if the next map in the maplist starts with "ep1_" and disabling it otherwise. - Added sv_npcgib_maxcount to limit maximum number of gibs allowed in the world at any one time. sv_gib_lifetime now defaults to 0 which means gibs will not fade, but can still be set higher to make gibs fade. - npc_create_equipment is now unique for each player. - Added info_waypoint entity and accompanying HUD elements. - Added mp_allowcrosshair and mp_allowironsights to allow for ironsight-only and no ironsight servers. - Both map briefing and Message of the Day can display together now. - Added sv_disablemotd to prevent the Message of the Day from showing. - Added new keybind to display the map briefing at any time. - Several changes made to the Hydra code including some cleaned up interpolation and sounds. - A number of ai_ entities now work better in a multiplayer environment. - Much of the Hl2, Ep1, and Ep2 campaigns have been fixed up for co-op with mapadd scripts. - Much of HL:S has been fixed up for co-op with mapadd scripts. - Added bugbait animations and fixed bugbait w_model. - Added CS:S mapadds to give some of those levels gameplay. - Distance Sounds added for AR2. - Performance options tab for more client customization and optimization. - Made it possible to revive players with no lives who have been put into observer mode. - Added Items menu to display current held items, ex. Cloak, Shield, Physics Items - Helmet is now a personal player shield which can be toggled. Old maps still using the item_helmet entity will convert to shield automatically, so pre 1.3 maps don't need to be recompiled. - Antlion_maker updated for multiplayer environments. - Added logic_player_branch for outputs depending on player count. - Lives are now saved when players leave a server to prevent exploiting. - Added mp_bunnyhop ( Bunnyhop mode. 0 = off, 1 = ep2 style (max speed enforced), 2 = unlimited hop speed. ). - Added convars sv_deathpenalty and sv_allownegativescore. - Added inputs to prop_physics and func_physbox to disable and enable collisions with the player. - ai_goal_follow behavior has been updated for MP. - Map transition Save / Restore has been added to enable SP-like transitions. - Added "No Physgun Punt" flag to physics objects. - Spec camera is now 'fixed position' by default, but can be changed with mp_forcecamera. - Changelevel triggers get deactivated for one minute after they have been used. - Changelevel triggers now have a sprite representation. - Player Manhacks now have a limit. - Player Manhacks will better loiter around the owning player now. - Added point_weapon_eater. - Added Worldspawn option to disable all areaportals in a map. - Added custom ammo for modify scripts. - Removed sway from weapon_sniperrifle. - Added point_message_multiplayer. - Added logic_merchant_relay, for hammer based (i/o) merchants. - Added blizzard snow effects option to worldspawn which increases the snow falling speed and adds snow "dust" to all func_precipitation entities set to Snowfall.


- Fixed weapon_scripted weapon hud icons not showing. - Fixed weapon_scripted not autoswitching like other weapons. - Fixed High-Def Bullsquid model crash. - Fixed Shell Eject on CS type weapon models. - Fixed vehicle gib death bug. - Fixed several memory leaks. - Fixed some issues with weapon strips. - Possible fix for strider aggressive behavior enemy handling. - Made mapname_cfg.txt have higher priority than server.cfg. - Fixed a crash involving switching weapons while jumping. - Fixed enable/disable inputs on snowfall and ash precipitation. - Fixed a crash involving fading decals and water. - Fixed Obsidian Human Grunt models. - Fixed Human Grunts not being able to throw grenades. - Fixed headcrabs falling from zombies being set to the wrong team. - Fixed various physcannon bugs in Episode One. - Fixed momentary_rot_button and linked door functionality. - Fixed vehicle view lag. - Fixed CS:S weapons not sitting in players hands. - Removed Impulse exploits. - Fixed worldmodel dual uzi tracers not originating properly. - npc_furniture will no longer take damage and will not give players points. - Fixed tentacle not performing its sequences. - Removed frag grenade timer reset on pickup. - Fixed gibs from gib emitters never fading. - players in a vehicle_prisoner_pod will now use the prisoner pod animation.

(check out the website for full changelog)

Have Fun! And don't forget to check out our forums and our wiki, which contains a lot of useful information for mappers and server operators.

Download links.

http://w0rf0x.de/mods/OC-Beta1.3_Full.exe http://neic0.de/obsidian/OC-Beta1.3_Full.exe http://www.yet-another-server.com/oc1.3 http://www.tonotako.com/ObsidianConflict/OC-Beta1.3_Full.exe

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