Official ZPS Contest "Mappers Remix"

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The team over at Zombie panic are holding another amazing mapping competion, with 2 prizes of $300 each up for grabs ($600 in all). You have a choice of 2 maps from the original Zombie Panic to recreate for source, you can enter for either or both. Closing date is April the 15th so go and make a map;)/ Heres is the full article

In celebration of the new year, ZPS 1 year anniversary, and nearly 6 years of Zombie Panic! We're holding another Official ZPS Contest but this time we're giving you the blueprints, a bigger payout, and 2 chances to win. You'll be given the task of recreating some of the most memorable Zombie Panic maps from before Source.

Choose 1 or both Maps to work on, YES that means you can win $600 ($300 goes to the top entry for each map) if you enter both maps. You'll be provided with a Top down view of the entire map, reference images, and a walkthrough vid for each map. This is to give you a general idea of the maps design and style but is in no way there to hinder your creativity. We want entries that reflect the maps style but a HL1 map is still a HL1 map so expand and let your own skills take over.

Select Your Map

Club Zombo



Rules- *All non-staff are allowed to enter! *All entries that use anything other than Public ZPS, Valve, or personal content will be disqualified. *You may enter as many times as you like, but only one entry can place per map category. *The map must be one that is not already publicly available. You can test with small control groups, but keep the map private until the results come out at least. *All final judgement will be made by the Zombie Panic Development team. *Maps will be judged based on creativity, quality, use of custom materials/models, mood (whether they match Zombie Panic's gameplay style or not), and map flow/design. *Maps can be made for generic ZPS gameplay or ZPO (objective) gamemode but ZPO will be favored for those who are curious. *Reference material is there for a reason. We don't want carbon copies but we want to see maps that compliment the originals. Be creative but stick to the theme. *By submitting an entry to this contest, you agree to allow the Zombie Panic Development team full rights to the map, including the right to edit, play, and distribute the map, with all credits given to original creators. *All source material must be submitted, as well as a playable version of the map. *Contest begins NOW, and ends April 15th, 2009. *All entries should be sent to for proper consideration. Please include your forum name in the email, as well as all original materials, a brief explanation of the objectives in the map, and any other information that would be important for us to know when judging the map.

For those of you who wish to play these maps for inspiration download our original Zombie Panic Half-Life 1 Modification.

So go get mapping :)

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