Perfect Stride Continuum - Release Sometime This Week

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I only just found this mod and theirs not much info on it. But here's a quick introduction from what I can gather. Perfect Stride Continuum is a HL2 mod with Retro style game play. Its a trick jump based mod where you have to collect orbs. This is what the designers say about it

Perfect Stride Continuum is the quintessential hardcore first person future ice skating game...

Well, it's not exactly. Later this week you can test your skills and try to master the Frictionless Continuum Skates in the first release of Perfect Stride Continuum.

You will be able to play through three bizarre levels, each requiring a different set of skills to complete. Learn the mechanics of the Continuum Skates in Perfect Arena, hone your speed and momentum in Yamada's Circle Square, and grind through the challenging technical jumps of Industrial Grind.

Only the most advanced physics students will be able to master the near-frictionless movement of the Continuum Skates! They require great concentration and precision to master - give this mod a chance if you are looking for a challenge, complete all three levels and history will probably recognize you as a Perfect Stride Champion!

If the preview and the screen shots below look interesting to you Click "Here" to have a look at some videos from it.

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