Persistence Development Diary - Issue one

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Persistence is an attempt to create a free MMORPG for the Source Engine. Many claimed that this was impossible, but an early private alpha suggests otherwise. Persistence is a fantasy MMORPG in a medieval setting. Sounds like any other generic Warcraft clone right? That's where you're gravely mistaken.

Hey, welcome to issue one of the Persistence Development Diary! We post a new entry each week, detailing any features that we've added, or asking the general community for feedback on an idea. For an updated version of the development diary, please check out our website at!

Coding -

* Server transfer system; at the moment, the game is split up into several "maps". When you walk into a certain point (transfer_on_touch entity), the game server sends a request to the master server (more on this later) asking for the IP address and port of the "area" (This is defined as a key field on the entity). The master server then takes note of this request, and the game server tells the client to connect to that IP and port. When the client disconnects from the server, the game server sends a request to the master server with all of the details about the player (such as health). When the player connects to the other server, the server checks if the player is allowed to connect, and if he is, puts him on the server in the correct position with the correct health. Each server can hold a maximum of 128 players. * Basic "Level System" - Only HP at this time. Cross server persistence (ahem). :P * Inventory system - Work has started on an inventory system, but it has not yet been finished. In it's current state, all items are based on an item "template" (which identifies what it does to scripts and stuff). Items can be given custom names, which will be of use to the crafting system. * Basic login / account system - Currently, we have not finished any of the GUI elements, but the login system is mostly implemented. Account functions will be managed from the website, where accounts can be created, passwords changed etc.

Mapping -

* p_castle_market_beta1-17 - This currently unnamed town will be one of capital towns of Mallanius. It currently consists of a huge castle (with four gargantuan (and functional) guard towers). The castle has a dining room, and several rooms on each floor. This castle holds many secrets, and a keen adventurer will be entertained for hours trying to find some of the suprisingly difficult to access secret rooms. Some screenshots of the castle are included below (It is currently work in progress). * Several "dev" maps to test server transfers and other functions.

As a note, we are currently in dire need of team members (Mostly modelers, animators and texture artists). If you feel that you would like to help out in the development of Persistence, please get in touch with me at aar(remove) (obviously remove the remove, sorry, I have to stop spambots).

Oh, also please stop by at our forums or IRC channel.

Thanks! :)

(Edit - Forgot the screenshots before! Now for the sauce...)

(A picture or a rope going up a wall. Yes, it's functional :P)

A picture taken from on the battlements. As you can see, they're rather large.

A picture taken from inside one of the guard towers, looking towards the drawbridge and battlements.

Also, looking at the screenshots, I assume that you'll understand why I used the word "dire" to describe our need for 3d artists. Thanks for reading :)

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