Pilotable Strider Mod v0.2.5 Released, Now With Combine Helicopter

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Version 0.2.5 of the Pilotable Strider Mod has been released. The newest version now also features a pilotable Combine Helicopter. You can download the mod from [url="http://halflife2.filefront.com/file/HalfLife_2_Pilotable_Strider_Mod_V025_Ride_The_Helicopter;35225"]here[/url] and check out [url="http://strider.hl2spain.com/"]the mod's site here[/url]. The new features included are: [b]STRIDER:[/b] 1. Better movement with the strider. 2. Better leg attack system. Now it's easier to hit the enemies. 3. Better system joining/leaving the strider. Now you won't spawn in the air. 4. Better response with the crouching/standing animation. 5. Some improvements in the cannon. 6. New restrictions for the strider. [b]HELICOPTER:[/b] The controls are in this 0.1 of the pilotable helicopter: · Accelerate and turn to left or right with movement keys. · Elevate helicopter with Jump key. · Descend helicopter with Duck key. · Shoot with the Attack key. · Join/Leave helicopter with Use key. [b]NEW COMMANDS:[/b] · create_helicopter: You must be pointing to the ground to spawn a helicopter. Default bind "J".
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