PVK2 - 2.3 and Steamworks.

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PvK2 released some news today which puts it in as the second mod in the next steam set as a steam mod.

Greetings all, I have some great news from the PVK front! Valve has been very generous and helpful in allowing us access to the Steamworks technology, which we will be releasing 2.3 on. For those of you who don't already know, Steamworks will allow us to release the mod directly through Steam, including future updates which you can download automatically. Although there's no release date planned, this is great news for all of us. It will make updating the mod a breeze as well as allow us to implement a wonderful system of achievements. We've already got over a hundred achievements planned for 2.3 and will see even more as future patches release! In other 2.3 news, we have successfully ported over to the Orange Box engine. There are still some tweaks to make in different areas, but the bugs have been squashed. So far the Orange Box engine has offered us a ton of new features, some of which include: - Objective-Based Scoring - Kill Assists - New Particle System - Expressions and much, much more..

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