Resistance and Liberation Mod on Gamers United this Wednesday

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Gamers United Show on eSportsTV is having a radio interview with the RnL Mod Team (Resistance and Liberation) For Half-life 2. The show will start at 8pm EST the 13th of September to interview Resistance and Liberation. All this can and will be on #eSportsTV on (GAMESURGE) and our radio listen links: Winamp: - [quote]Resistance and Liberation, two very strong words that describe a very unique and addicting mod. This modding of Half-Life 2 will bring a more realistic experience to gamers around the world. The "RnL Team" has done a great job of researching to create a mod that is challenging, yet fun. The Resistance and Liberation Mod has a very different approach than most FPS games. The key focus of this mod is realism. The realism in this mod is beyond that of CounterStrike or Day of Defeat. Some of the differences include: [*] No crosshair. The gun will stay at the player's hip until raised to look through its iron sites, losing speed but gaining accuracy. [*] Just like in the 1940s, a player will not have a HUD to tell him how many bullets he has, how much time he has to complete the objective, how much health, or anything else of the sort. He will go by his instincts and his memory of the briefing he received pre-mission. [*] Death messages are also implemented out of this mod, so you cannot relay information to a player who is still alive. Once you are dead, you are DEAD. [*] A very unique aspect to this mod is its own damage system. The RnL Team is making a more advanced system that creates more specified locations on a model. The physical AND mental health of the player will be taken into effect. [*] Due to great research by the makers of the Resistance and Liberation Mod, each map is extremely accurate to the location where the battle occurred. Each map was created by using actual photos, maps, detailed reports, stories, and geological data of every location. [*] One of the most accurate parts of the game is the weaponry. Bullet calibre, rate of fire, velocity, and bullet drop have all been taken into account. Stefan, one of the creators of the Resistance and Liberation Mod, had this to say, "...Our goal was, and still is, that we are trying to portray the action of the 82nd Airborne as accurate as possible during D-Day and the days/weeks after." The mod will be available for download in a few months, as it is still being created. So join Aaron Molloy on Gamers United, this Wednesday at 8pm EST, as he is covering the mod with its creators. For more information, please visit the official [url="http://www.resistanceandliberation.com/"]Resistance and Liberation Mod website[/url] or visit the creators on IRC: [url="irc://irc.gamesurge.net/resistancemod"]#ResistanceMod[/url] [/quote]

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