Smod - Tactical 5.56 released

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The Smod Tactical people recently released the 5.56 version of their mod, here are some of the fixes.

This update fixes a number of critical issues and other problems.


-DOD:S/Half-Life 2: The Lost Coast no longer needed. Likely fixing 99% of the "Mount Filesystem Error 301" issues. -Made a possible 3d scope crash fix. (Still keeps the 3d scope enabled) -Proper and working W models for NPCs (Converted by Onemanshow and veteran_gamer). -Tweaked setup map config files for best performance. -"Point Insertion" re-added to chapter menu. -Zombie fix merged. -Updated code to Smod Version 40a. -alltactical.cfg errors fixed. -Massive file cleanup for reduced size. -Player voices disabled. -Separate install that no longer overwrites the Smod folder. Allowing normal Smod and Smod Tactical to be installed at the same time without conflict. -Fixed MP5/Mossberg 590 HUD icons conflicting. -Fixed Uzi using .45ACP ammo. -Fixed improper UMP magazine size. -Fixed excessive blurring/shaking when wounded. -Added proper weapon spawn names. (EX:You can type in give weapon_m4a1 to get the m4a1 now) -Added P90/M4A1/MP5 fire animation fixes made by EvilMr.Lee -Disabled automatic reloading of holstered weapons. -Lowered fire rate on Minigun to help prevent crashes with it.

I hope this helps all of you with any problems!

You can download this version of the mod by clicking this rather handy word

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