Spirit of Konoha Exclusive Interview

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Today I had an interview with the Half-life 2 Modification [url="http://www.spiritofkonoha.com"]Spirit of Konoha[/url] based on the famous anime series Naruto! [quote][b]Mentalx[/b]: What is Spirit of Konoha ( for the people that don't know who or what spirit of konoha is )? [b]Kurai[/b]: Spirit of Konoha is a fast paced, action packed mod based on the naruto francise. You will be able to play your favorite characters from the anime and manga in this 3rd person mod. [b]Mentalx[/b]: Why the Half-Life 2 Engine? [b]Kurai[/b]: We are using the source engine simply because it allows us to give the mod a more realistic touch and great graphics. Other than that the source engine has a great community and is getting updated constantly. [b]Mentalx[/b]: How is the progress coming along lately? [b]Kurai[/b]: Lately, school was priority #1 nearly all of the dev members private lives, thus we werent progressing as fast as most of us would like it to be, but, with winter holiday drawing closer our members can focus on the mod again and we hope to catch up to our old speed in the next weeks. we are lacking animators though, if someone would like to apply for the job hes always welcome. [b]Mentalx[/b]: Can you tell me all the names and jobs of the team? [b]Elemental[/b]: Leader, Allrounder Kurai: Co-Leader, Mapper Venom: Coder Hunter,Darksniper,Cruzharo: Modelers JosukeTsukomoto: Mapper Sven-da-man: 2D Artist suntear: music (soundtrack) artist Sasachi: Sound Artist MentalX: Public Relations Quinn, DavidHalo, Wolf: Animating [b]Mentalx[/b]: Could you give us some info about the things you are going to implant in the game? [b]Kurai[/b]: We have a lot planed for this mod. Lets start off with the basics. We are planning to implement a very unique ninja technique system in the game (jutsus as they are called in naruto), as the player you wont just press any button and the attack will execute, instead YOU will give the commands and enter handsymbols (of which each technique in naruto consits of). Furthermore it will feature a power-up mode for every character which will give the player the chance to play e.g. as naruto transformed into his demon-fox form (kyuubi) and sasuke while using his curse seal. While i mentioned fast paced earlier, this does also mean that some parts of hl2s original movementsystems will be rewritten to allow wallrunning and walljumps. [b]Mentalx[/b]: Is the PR Guy doing a great job? [b]Kurai[/b]: Hmm our Public Relations manager was kind of lazy lately... Well you got me there ;p. He is doing a great job on supporting the mod, advertising for it and giving the team the chance to get first hand anime material to use it as references. [b]Mentalx[/b]: How is the Community support? [b]Kurai[/b]: Since we started our development about a year back our community has become quite numerous, they are commenting on wip work, helping the team to acieve even better results. The community support is great but i have no doubt about it that the community will grow even bigger. [b]Mentalx[/b]: Do you have some media for us to show to the community? [b]Kurai[/b]: Yes and No on this one. We do have a few pictures ready for the community, but we decided some motion would get the community even more excited *hint hint* expect something in the next 9 days *yet another hint*. [b]Mentalx[/b]: when do you think the mod will be finished? [b]Kurai[/b]: That is indeed a question very difficult to answer. If we would know a date yet we would give it out, but we dont have one. There is always private non-modding life that needs to be taken care of, thus development gets slowed down and we dont want do give out high hopes and then instead delay, and delay, and delay... BUT I am very positive that there will at least be beta testing by march, even though its only a closed beta. [b]Mentalx[/b]: Are you planning to do some beta testing ? [b]Kurai[/b]: Like just mentioned, yes. Balancing and fixing bugs is very important for a multiplayer game, thus we will have time consuming beta testing sessions. Beta testers will be chosen by us, expect a "get a beta testing chance"-form when beta testing is just around the corner. [b]Mentalx[/b]: Would you like to say anything to the community? [b]Kurai[/b]: Of course. Thank you for our support thus far and you hope you will stick with us. Dont let your hopes down, we are very desperate to finish the mod. Additionally if you want to help the team with anything, feel free to leave an application at our forums, we are open for new talents anytime. (animators get over here ;p)[/quote]

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