Stargate: Legacy Beta 1.1 - Status Update

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For those of you who liked the recent beta of the Stargate Legacy mod the team recently announced an upcoming patch Here are the details.

As you may or may not know we are working on a 1.1 beta patch to be released shortly for our beta, we should be able to include the following things in the patch:

* Our new Staff Weapon * Our new Beretta * New Zatarc * Sgl_conquest all bugs fixed. * Weapon lowered while running * Stamina only activated when moving fast * Clientside version of CP made to stop particle bugs * WIP Particle Woosh * Knife damage reduce from 300 to 90 * Ironsight walk speed changed from 50 to 95 * Fixed corruption in the "you were killed by" text * Default larves are switched off - till we can get a more bug free version made. * Stamina doesn't drain as much * Fixing Zat corpse disintegration (It broke for Beta1 for some reason) * sgl_Abydos (If our mappers can get the interior of the temple detailed in time)

If you have been playing Stargate Legacy lately you would have noticed that our official server is down, we apologise for the inconvenience Art of War Central seem to have done something but will be fixing it soon in time for 1.1. All of our modellers are putting a lot of work into replacing the placeholder player and weapon models (Thanks go to SGTC1 for letting us use them as placeholders) with our own models - special thanks to Noodles, ISick, Coomdoom and Furling.

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