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Stargate : The Last Stand Mod have revealed a new trailer for their mod.

After many hours of mapping, bug fixing, and filming throughout all last week we are happy, and proud, to announce the first in a series of 4 pre-release trailers that will run up until the 25th of December, 2008. For those of you who don't know how to read a calendar that would be Christmas.

Along with this trailer we are releasing a number of screenshots from abydos, as well as screenshots from maps that are current works in progress, Erebus from Jeroen 'Xanthi' van Werkhoven, Lockdown (SGC) from Ben 'MajorC4' Palmer and Brecht 'Brechtos' Lecluyse, and Nahautl from Louis 'Foeaxe' Deane. Click Read more to view trailer. This trailer is a demonstration of of the beautiful map Abydos created by our very own Brecht 'Brechtos' Lecluyse and the wondrous game play it provides. We have also included some of our final weapon loadouts. Without further adieu here is the trailer, we included a sneaky little surprise, see if you can spot it.

You can click here for more new media added in the last couple of days for Stargate: The Last Stand. Oh and don't forget to check our Countdown on the right.

Also, the new "Stargate The Last Stand" website which has been in development for many weeks is now LIVE! Its taken weeks of planning, and days of production, but its finally here. Check out the new site at:

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