StargateTC 2 - It's the final countdown ! (Coming 4th July)

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One month without any news is a long time but we will attempt to make you forget this waiting period with what follows. Summary: some hot pieces of information about your favorite mod and a couple of screens. Our models are completed and we are currently adding the last components to the maps. The server version of the mod is ready and all the bugs are theoretically fixed.

Some of you may think that a Stargate mod should have been released a long time ago. We hope that we will fullfill this expectation. Although everything won't go smooth after the release, we will try to fix the bugs or flaws that may appear as fast as we can.

Let's move on to the last updates of the mod:

The Hud has been completely re-designed:

Same goes for the goa'uld forearms:

Here are a few screens of the unscoped/scoped sniper rifle (hk msg90):

We would like to mention that we are still looking for new talents (level designers, modelers and one speed art.)

Now that the thresholds of 500 topics, 10 000 messages and 300 members are passed on the forum, we think that it is our duty to answer the question everybody asks :

When will StargateTC 2 be released?

Answer :

Yes, StargateTC 2 will be released in approximately 2 weeks !
The server version will be released around July 1st, 2008. If it's possible for you, please run one or two servers for SGTC2 Wink .

If you have servers able to mirror the beta for July 4th, 2008, please contact us at stargatetc2 [at] gmail [dot] com.

Best regards.

The team!

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