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The State of Decadence mod today revealed some new info about the characters you can play as.

The characters are one of the most important features in Decadence. Not only do all the characters have a back story and in-game voice acting, but they will also decide how you play the game. All together, there are four characters in the mod with their own unique appearance divided into two teams. The character you pick will decide what kind of weapon you get. There's an offensive and a supportive weapon both with a secondary fire mode, and these weapons is featured on both teams so there won't be a balance issue. In-game Screenshot In-game Screenshot

Let's take Zoe and Echo as an example. Echo was the first character announced for Decadence and he serves the purpose of being the aggressive character that always goes first into battle. Echo's weapon is a fast firing heavy machine gun built from scrap lying around the city. You can do a lot of damage if you're up personal with your enemy but the spread of the bullets makes it very hard to kill enemies at long range. If you're not happy with the amount of damage it can put out, the Harley as we call Echo's weapon, has a secondary fire mode which allows you to load up as many as 15 bullets and release them in a very short time frame into your opponent. You don't want to turn around a corner to find Echo with his loaded up Harley in your face, that's for sure! The secondary fire mode is only useful at very close range since the spread is even worse and you'll have to get used to handle the recoil.

Zoe on the other hand is best if used at long range. She is able to fire bursts of bullets with a steady hand into her target, and if you're sneaky enough, the enemy won't even know where it came from. Even though she has the upper hand when it comes to taking out enemies from afar, if she runs into someone at close range there's usually a problem. There are situations like this where her secondary fire comes in handy. Zoe is able to fire a poison dart which will slow down and confuse her opponent. This allows Zoe to outmaneuver for example Echo in a face-to-face encounter. Not only is this good in close combat, but an excellent support weapon for you and your team mate when storming the water node.

You can view any previous news by visiting their ModDb page by clicking the link at the top or clicking Here to go to Decadence's main site.

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