Suprising Update, Gunritsu is NOT DEAD!

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For those who think the mod is dead, think again, they just added some fancy news!, check below! :) [quote]I havnt updated the site in a looong time, so i thought i would do some updating. First off, we are NOT dead. We acturaly moved to another host, hosted by, but that went down because it was also hosted by Oktagone. Since they are dead, or are basicly dead, we are forced to look for a new host. By friday, feb 25th, we should have the website back up. Now, the work! We have LOTS of media that needs to be scaned in and posted up. And the DD (Design Document) is about 89% done, so everything is going smoothly. We are looking for members is almost all departments, but we should start recruiting in a few more weeks or so. Just untill we get our origanal host back up and running. We do have forums, located [url=""]here[/url]. Please stop in and post around. Thats it for this update.[/quote]
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