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Published by Azzkiker 13 years ago , last updated 1 year ago
Swat Kats: The Radical Squadron was a short-lived cartoon show produced by Hanna-Barbera that first aired in September 1993. It revolved around the feline characters of Megakat City, and its two main characters were Jake Clawson and Chance Furlong, two pilots who were thrown out of the enforcers due to a mishap and forced to work as junkyard auto mechanics to repay the damages they caused. They decided they had to do more to make amends, and therefore, Jake Clawson designed the Turbokat and became the vigilantes known was the SWAT Kats. Jake, a.k.a Razor, was the weapons system officer and Chance, a.k.a T-bone, was the pilot. Together they protected Megakat City from many foes, such as Dark Kat, Dr. Viper, The Pastmaster, Mac and Molly, a.k.a. The Metallikats, and Hard Drive. This comic/tv show is now going game! Well thanks to Rohit, we actually have Slicer Missiles that can cut through almost ANYTHING! He's been working his tail off at the Models for T-Bone and Razor! He's almost completed Razor, but we need an animator now, but he said he'll try and complete it. So with out further-a-do, Slice me up! Stay tuned until next week where we'll show you the progress of the infamous TurboKat! We have a Green Light from Warner Brothers and from Christian Tremblay and Yvon Tremblay who are the original creators of "Swat Kats: The Radical Squadron." Christian Tremblay was shocked and utterly happy to see someone reviving the show, so he has been nice enough to send us COMPLETED concept arts from season one! Thanks again Christian! We look forward in hearing from you again! At this time, I'd like to thank everyone for their comments and suggestions toward this MOD! With out fans like you, the TurboKat wouldn't be able to fly!
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