The Arias Protocol - Interview!

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Another interview, but now with the modleader of: ' The Arias Protocol ' , another Half Life 2 mod. This interview will take some time to read, but if you're interested in this mod, it's worth reading it! To visit the mod's website,..[url="http://arias.hl2files.com/"]Click here![/url] [quote]Q: Hello, let's get this started. Feel free to introduce yourself. A: Hello everyone, I'm the leader/PR person/3d artist of the team bringing this mod to life. We call ourselves Threshold Games. Q: What exactly does the name "The Arias Protocol" mean? A: Arias is the codename of the molecular compound discovered by the US. Since the compound is still top secret, there must be a set of rules to follow when handling matters related to it. The name specifically refers to Section D of the Arias Protocol, which dictates what must be done in the event of a theft.[/quote] Now head to the official The Arias Protocol website to read the full interview. And maybe go to the forums to give the developers a warm handskake and maybe a hug. It's going to be a tough journey you know, but I'm sure that at the end of it, both you and the project's team will be thrilled with the results. Stay tuned for more!

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