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[b]INFORMATION:[/b] The Gamer Planet is hosting a CS:S Mapping Contest! We are sponsoring a different kind of Counter-Strike:Source mapping contest for a different kind of Counter-Strike:Source server. We prefer our games using tactical, team-based play over the usual deathmatch and we are in need of maps that will promote this style of play. [*]If you have the talent, [*]If you have the time, [*]If you have the map, Then we have the money! The contest requires free registration at our website There you will be granted access to the private contest forum where we will provide some helpful guidelines, resources, and information on what exactly we want in a map. Everything on this page and all pages it links to other than sponsors or webcreators should be considered rules and regulations for The Gamer Planet CS:S Mapping Contest. [/quote] [b]PRIZES[/b] [*]First Prize: $150 USD 1 month free CS:S server hosted by The Gamer Planet. Free webhosting for 1 year. Free membership for 1 year. [*]Second Prize: $100 USD Free webhosting for 6 months. Free membership for 6 months. [*]Third Prize: Free membership for 6 months. As we are trying to gather more prizes for the contest all lists here are subject to change. If any sponsors are aquired we will be adding to the prize list. [b]RULES AND NOTES:[/b] [i]All rules are subject to change, we will do our best to keep any alterations down to a minimum. The map must be a Counter-Strike: Source cs or de type. You can add other objectives as long as it reaches one of these conclusions.[/i] [*]The map must promote teamwork and tactical play (NO death match). [*]The map must be created and sent to us for judging by 06/30/2005 no later than 12 am est. [*]All maps must be submitted in .zip/.rar format with all required map files, .bsp, .nav and the following information in a readme file: authors contact info, installation instructions, map specifics, custom content info, recommended players, etc. [*]All employees, admins, or judges of The Gamer Planet are not eligible to place in the contest or win prizes, but can still submit maps. [*]Each map submitted must have The Gamer Planet logo (which we will provide) visible in some way; be original, have fun with this. [*]Each map submitted must have the logos of all of the contest sponsors visible in some way (we will provide a list of the required sponsor logos at some point in the future if any). [*]All submissions are to be new releases of your own creation and can not have been released to the general public or hosted on public server. No information is to be released concerning the entries until the contest winners have been chosen and the contest is over. This includes but is not limited to screenshots, demos, beta tests, etc. [*]All entrants are required to sign up on our forums (don't worry it's free) where we will have a private section for interaction with the judges if questions should arise concerning the contest and its rules. This will also be where we will update any relevant information and is considered your registration for the contest! [*]Entrants must be at least 13 years of age. [b]DISCLAIMER INFO[/b] Free membership consists of 1 year, or 6 month full membership depending on placement among the contest winners, to The Gamer Planet and its membership designated resources. [*]The cash prizes will be paid out by The Gamer Planet to the winners in the form of a money order or equivalent method, mailed directly to the winners after the results of the contest have been decided. [*]Prizes are subject to change if sponsors become available, this is a good thing so don't worry. We just want people to know we will add prizes if we can find them. [*]While we are responsible for delivering any prizes donated by our sponsors to the contest winners we are not liable for any sponsors failing to supply the designated prizes and are in no way required to supply any donated prizes that are not delivered by the sponsor at our expense. [*]If submissions are proven to be of someone else’s work or content plagiarized from outside sources the entrant will be disqualified. If in the event the prize money is paid to the contest winner and they have broken any of these rules they will be expected to pay in full all monies received from The Gamer Planet as a result of this contest and all prizes returned. [*]All entries become the joint property of the content creator and The Gamer Planet to do with as they wish. The Gamer Planet will not alter or change any files without the creators consent but will use the maps as they see fit.
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