The Gate II Developer Interview + Exclusive Screen Shots!

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[url="http://www.planethalflife.com/thegate/gate2site/pages/gate2homepag.html"]T H E G A T E II[/url]
The Gate Series Background… The development team for 'The Gate' series have been accused of being a ‘Stargate’ clone, but in reality, anyone that has ever played 'The Gate 1' would know the only thing in common with 'Stargate', is the actual 'Gate'. Even that is different, because there's is a time gate. Not, a 'Stargate'... 'The Gate I' was set in wartime Europe and Egypt. The story of the actual Gate and its origins were never revealed to the players. Craig J Beattie, development team leader said: [quote]This time around, that will be addressed and the players will find out who and what created 'The Gate'. Also, in the first Gate game the only enemy to the player was Nazi’s... This time around, this also will be addressed, as the player will go to lots of different locations in time and will also, for the first time, face monsters and creatures from other times... This I hope, will satisfy the people who complained last time around, by only having Nazi’s to kill..[/quote] I managed to speak with Craig J Beattie, about the development of 'The Gate II'

The Interview... How long have you been planning 'The Gate II'? [quote] The Gate II was more or less planned before The Gate 1 was Complete... I purposely left the ending of the first game open, so the story could continue.[/quote] So I guess, that is what made you decide to do sequel. [quote] Well, we had lots of letters asking why the story had finished open-ended so to speak.. So it was pressure from emails and the release of Half-life II that pushed us to create the sequel[/quote] How much time do you and the team spend working on The Gate II? [quote]Since I’m the only mapper in The Gate II team of course there is a shed load of stuff to map. I usually spend around 6 or 7 hours a day mapping. The Gate II main modeler, Majorpaine, works around the same amount of time on the models. But we are always in contact so that the models match the maps perfectly and I can more or less test his models immediately, and let him know if any alterations are needed.[/quote] Did you change any of the core game elements? [quote]The Gate II will be heavily coded.. There is already code in place done by our coder Nico. Without giving too much away as it would only spoil the surprise... We have altered the Halflife 2 code quite a bit, the Halflife 2 engine is fantastic but a lot of the things we wish to do in The Gate II can’t be done without altering the code... It is still essentially a first person shooter... But, we are aiming to give it a more cinematic feeling, and of course this must tie in with the classical musical score. The Gate II will also take advantage of all the great things of the Halflife 2 engine… such as vehicles and huge out door environments.[/quote]

How often do you play The Gate I during the development of The Gate II? [quote] To be honest I haven’t played The Gate 1 for over a year now, I did however play it last year, and I was shocked how old it looks already when compared to the half-life 2 engine! I did realize how hard The Gate 1 actually was, so now I know where all the complaints came from when The Gate was released[/quote] What's been the hardest part about making the mod so far? [quote]The hardest part I guess is getting use to the new features of the source engine, apart from that everything is going very smoothly…I had enough time to practice with hammer on The Gate 1.[/quote] How is life treating you at the moment since you and the team started development of the The Gate II? [quote]Apart from the stress of making a mod and being a mod leader it’s going great! We are lucky enough to have a great professional team.[/quote] How many members are are in your team, working on the modification at the moment? [quote]We have a full compliment of voice actors now which is needed for the large script we have, I think we have around 20 members (not including me)... Thanks for taking the time in letting me tell you about 'The Gate II'[/quote] Anytime! Their home page, including more media can be found [url="http://www.planethalflife.com/thegate/gate2site/pages/gate2homepag.html"]here![/url] The exclusive screen shots can be found at the bottom of this article.

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