The HCU's Half-Life 2: Rogue Threat interview

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[quote] Hey guys, The HeadCrab Union managed to score an interview with the episodic single-player mod Half-Life 2: Rogue Threat, and we'd greatly appreciate it if you guys could let everyone know about it.The interview can be found at the following link... http://www.gamespot.com/pages/unions/forums/show_msgs.php?topic_id=24808435&union_id=55#RogueInt Please use our newer site address at http://www.HCUnion.com if you link to our union. Also, since the interview is on an image, I'll provide two sample Q/A's to use in your article... HCUnion.com: Could you tell us about the decision to include entirely new weapons in the game? Jack Lipke: Personally I felt that not including new weapons in the game would destroy a ton of potential in new gameplay options. It is important to note that we have weapon 'branching'. This mean that in Rogue Threat Chapter 1 there will be about 9 new weapons, but the player will only come across certain ones depending on their gameplay style. If a player is more of an all action ballistic gunner, they may get the Dual SMG's instead of the tactical XM8-C. HCUnion.com: One of the most impressive enemies that was in the early concept art was a gigantic stider called the Combine Juggernaut. Is this enemy still part of Rogue Threat? (Please say yes). And could you say anything about it? Jack Lipke: While this will be very hard to accomplish, I would like to see it implemented into Chapter 2 since Chapter 2 involves mostly large open areas on sand flats and beach coasts. The player will most likely battle this enemy in a vehicle. I'm not positive on it, but if we have the time and the resources for Ch2, we will be happy to include this enemy. The Juggernaut is a strider type enemy that is roughly 4 times taller than a strider, it can carry troops and is used to destroy stationary Rebel Outposts by using a large cannon mounted in its belly. Thanks if you give us a news post! [/quote]

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