The Mod Profile Center is Back! New & Improved!

16 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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Hello everyone! Today, I've worked hard on the [url="http://modcenter.hl2files.com"]Mod Profile Center[/url] and the [url="http://www.hl2files.com/info/HLMods"]Half-Life 1 Mod Profiles[/url]. So as of today, the Mod Profile Center is back, and [b][u]all[/b][/u] the Half-Life 1 Mod Profiles has been completely enhanced with new features.
You may ask, why only Half-Life 1? Because I started on 1 Mod Profile first, to see how things would look with the new enhancements. After it looked good, I started working on all the Half-Life 1 Profiles first. But don't worry though, I will do the Half-Life 2 Mod Profiles shortly. Want more information regarding all the enhancements and improvements? Go check out the Mod Profile Center News: >> [url="http://modcenter.hl2files.com"]Mod Profile Center[/url] << Regards, Skyrider

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