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Hi guys! This is Puppet_That_Kills with some pleasant news for you! As many of you know I recently released a HL2 Sp map called Apartment 101. Many people have enjoyed it and are begging for more! If you aren’t one of those people please make sure to download it. Anyway, I have started on the sequel: Apartment 101 Part 2. I’ll change the name later, but I’ll refer to it that way for now. Here is some specific information on the map: Setting: I will be mostly urban. The player will be forced to cut though buildings to reach different streets, as many entry ways are blocked. Friendly Fire: In this map you will have a squad. What Valve failed to implement in HL2 is friendly fire. But that’s not the case here! You will be able to injure and even kill you squad mates. But don’t be stupid and do it on purpose. You will loose if they all die! Difficulty: Yep, you read it right! I’m going to do my best to make this map difficult, but not to difficult. More Complex AI (Hopefully): Self explanatory. Length: This will be much longer than my previous maps. WARNING: Because of this it might slow down a lot on low end PCs. I’ll try to learn how to use area portals. Screenshots? Soon, that’s all I’ll say. So, there’s something to live longer for! (Kidding) More news to come! Puppet_That_Kills
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