Varion is back!

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The suspected dead mod Varion is back in the works, and with a surprising release date of before christmas!


One word "Varion !!!". Varion is back with a vengence we have decided to restart the project back up after a few months of playing around with the cry engine and many fans wanting varion to come back we are very pleased to announce we are back for the fans and may get a release out for this xmas. This time we know what can kill a mod so we have got protection, Varion is now being created by team Race-Away which is a team of two (Kamikazi, Nilghai) and a few other people if they decide to still join. We are sticking to a very small team this time. Before everyone starts saying the new team sucks the new team is the original team but with a new name. Now the team only has two members the original modeller and the leader.



Progress is really progressing fast. So far we have compiled a successful mod for the orangebox with working server creation and no bugs or errors. We arn`t planning any new code changes yet just tdm, dm as we don`t know how to code a great lot.


We currently got three maps compiled just need props added and a few new textures and decals. We still got the old swift map. We got two new maps a tomb type map and a new tdm map which is set in a very fun map enviroment with minimal design.


We got 3 weapons compiled which are splinter, pulse shot and a close combat these are used with custom rigs and will feature custom animations. We finally got Melina in-game and she looks really awesome we spent alot of time on this with a custom rig. Props and more weapons are currently getting made we hope to bring more news in a few weeks.

Go check out their mod page on moddb and give them some of your thoughts on the new media.

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