Varion: July Update

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Welcome To Varion Monthly Update.

I have started to make a monthly news post which will talk about the progress on the mod and anything else that is on topic to the mod.


Currently we are making plenty of models from props to character models. Nilghai is currently working on the character model doing some polishing to it like fixing a few bugs with weight map and making the skin. We have the rought model in-game working which has a few issues but works really well. Nilghai got his 3ds max back so that is all good.


We have a brand new member to the team called Gun>Raipper he will be painting us some concept artwork for the mod. You can view one of his peices from the images which is a character design. This wasn`t made for the mod just something he done before. Gun>Raipper is Nilghais cousin so the team is all currently like family :D.

Other news:

Thanks so much for everyone who is watching the mod and who is supporting us along the process we really appricate it.

Thanks so much for reading this months news....Spread the word about varion and keep us watched xD.

Go check out their Moddb page for more updates

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