VIA Gamers Half-Life 2 Review

By Azzkiker 19 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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[url="http://www.viavga.com"]VIA Gamers Arena[/url] have posted a review of Half-Life 2 on their website. Here's a snippet: [quote]Another immediately obvious outstanding quality is the storyline and its overall presentation. Character acting is excellent and the animations that match the voices are truly superb. This is due to some fantastic facial animations combined with motion captured body movements that convey a genuine sense of emotion. Never before have computer game generated characters looked so lifelike. As they operate machinery, jump fences, climb ladders and load weapons in very smooth and realistic movements. Enemy character models and animations are as convincing as they are awe inspiring, from the football sized headcrabs to the 30 foot stiders, helicopters and gunships.[/quote] Read the full review over [url="http://www.viavga.com/default.asp?PageID=30&Review=20"]HERE[/url]!

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