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Me being a huge old school game fan. I was surprised when I found out someone was doing a Wolfenstien based mod for HL2. Lets take a look.

Work on the mod is coming along very nicely. One note: I am trying to stay as true to wolf3d as possible: that means that I will be updating the original textures to make them higher res but I will not be using hl2 or dods textures. Also, if possible, I'll be making the objects and the npc's sprites-- if I have to use models, they'll be cartoonish in order to keep with the wolf3d theme.

I will be adding a multiplayer aspect to this game. One thing I've always imagined is what it would be like to duel someone in wolf3d-- now I'll know :)

Last, I'd like to add a coop version of the game, but that probably won't be done by the release time.

btw- If you want to help with the mod, have something special you can add to the project- contact me! Any help, advice, etc would help.

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