Wolfenstien Source - Modeler Needed & Update on Progress

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Wolfenstien Source has posted a new update.

Past couple of week's I've been a bit busy with school starting up, however I have managed to work on this mod some. So far, the map making program creates the basic layout of the levels including sliding doors and npc's. Currently I'm working on adding code that will add objects like tables and lamp. The first NPC model has been completed. Also, I've converted the DOD:S p38 to be the starting pistol. The p38 has slight auto aim to the p38 to offset how wolf3d doesn't have crosshairs.

I need a modeler to create models for each of these models: chandelier, floor lamp, blue vase w/ brown plant, gold vase w/ green plant, blue vase, well, wooden barrel, suit of armor, flag, and plate of food.

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