Zombie Master v1.2.0 released

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The eagerly awaited zombie master update was just released for a special halloween surprise. Heres some more info on it

After a long wait, the 1.2.0 update is finally ready for public consumption. With a huge number of changes and a vast number of bugfixes, we hope 1.2.0 was worth the wait.

Highlights include:

- Molotovs - Revolver - Immolators - Banshees clinging to the ceiling - Load-out map entities, letting survivors start out with equipment - Overhauled spawning menu and system - Late-joiner autojoin - Lag compensation: Banshees can now be hit - Zombie-view spectator camera

- Lots of balancing tweaks, and a lot of bugfixes

Download links: ZM 1.2.0 Full Windows Installer - Download from mirror in the UK

ZM 1.2.0 Linux Dedicated Server - Download from mirror in the UK

More mirrors available soon at our Files page.

Happy Halloween.

Just a quick note, the download links above are currently being downloaded like crazy making it near impossible to download. If it doesn't work the first time, give it a hour or so and come back to it. I hope you all enjoy the update and maybe i'll see you on.

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