Zombie Panic Source 1.5 now available via steam!

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Published by Azzkiker 9 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


Attention fans:

First we would like to say thank you for getting us into the top 100 released Mods of the Year on ModDB. We appreciate your votes so far in phase 2 of the Mod of the year awards, and urge you to please vote for us if you have not already! Note that even if you did vote for other mods, you can still use a vote on us! Simply click here to vote.

And without further ado:

ZPS 1.5 is now available via Steam! Just relaunch your game to see the new version!

Included in this build:

=====1.5 (1-28-2009) ======= -Added new ZP:S Barricading System -Added the ability to unload weapons -Added Punker player model and zombie counterpart -Added ZPO_Harvest -Updated Waitress rigging and textures -Updated ZPS_Cinema with new props, textures, and layout -Added weapon: Winchester Double barreled shotgun -Added new hands for every player model and replacing old -Added new anims for every weapon (including the new Weapon) -Added infection notice on scoreboard for Zombies -Worth noting firing speed for Super Shorty is now faster -Added a massive list of prop models and materials -Humans now show bright green for zombies if infected (without Zvision) -Updated weapon sounds to match new animations. -Added a new song (KM_Descent.mp3) -Added a new song (KM_Frozenwasteland.mp3) -Updated zps_town & zpo_biotec (fixes/changes/added barricades)

We have worked very hard on this release, so we hope that you will enjoy!

-ZP Development team

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