Zombie Panic! Source v1.4 out now!

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For those who waited for it, here it is! Zombie Panic v1.4 with new features, weapons and bug fixes! Check out the screenshots below with some new features on it. Mirrors will also be placed on HL2Files shortly!

Quote: Zombie Panic! Source v1.4 is NOW AVAILABLE! Launch ZPS to update your client!

Here is what's new:

Autovision now an advanced multiplayer option (turn on zombie vision automatically when you spawn as zombie). Noscoot is now an advanced multiplayer option (old inventory system, for those who do not like the scoot). Togglewalk is now an advanced multiplayer option (Make the walk key a "toggle" key, to turn walk on/off instead of having to hold it) Uberpush (As a zombie, holding shift and doing a "push" results in a stronger push, at the cost of one feed-o-meter unit.) New weapons: IED and M4 added. All survivors now get a phone by default (Requires you bind it, command "phone", listed in keyboard options.) Kill sounds (when you kill a zombie, you have a random chance of automatically taunting a new type of taunt.) New model: Waitress New map: ZPO_Keretti Updates to Silence, deadend, biotec, zpo_subway, and town. MOTD text file now updates the left panel of the "Join game" screen. Dropping ammo/weapons now keeps you from picking items up for a very brief moment (1 second). Walking backwards now isn't as speedy as it once was. Func_Ladder added Bunnyhop fix (Repeat jumping slows you down) Headshot to zombies head now triggers gibbing Dev and Contributor in-game avatar border added (Contrib status for others added soon) We're currently working on another patch and content update so be sure to keep an eye out for updates on front page. ZP Development Team

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