ZPS January Media and Dev Q&A

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We've been hard at work, whether it be Tats making a new baby, SchiZo moving overseas to Cali to start a new job, and Frika pushing ahead with a new gamemode and adding new features to ZPS. Today we'll discuss all this as well as presenting progress on whats to come.

Player Models
zps_paul01_th.jpg zps_paul02_th.jpg zps_peter01_th.jpg
zps_peter02_th.jpg zps_ash01_th.jpg zps_david01_th.jpg
zps_pedro01_th.jpg zps_hitoshi01_th.jpg zps_hitoshi02_th.jpg

zpo_epic01_th.jpg zpo_epic02_th.jpg zpo_epic03_th.jpg zpo_epic04_th.jpg
zpo_deadcity01_th.jpg zpo_deadcity02_th.jpg zpo_deadcity03_th.jpg zpo_deadcity04_th.jpg
zpo_cabin01_th.jpg zpo_cabin02_th.jpg zpo_cabin03_th.jpg zpo_cabin04_th.jpg
zpo_harvest01_th.jpg zpo_harvest02_th.jpg zpo_harvest03_th.jpg zpo_harvest04_th.jpg

zps_anim1.jpg zps_anim2.jpg zps_anim3.jpg


Would like to thank Darth_Brush and SlimZ both former developers for NMRiH for their contributions as well as Swolf for his animations and the rest of the team who have kept up throughout the year and into the new.

The Dev Discussion was a lot of fun. For those that missed it, here are the questions and answers to those who participated -Check Here-.

Also, as you can see we have a lot of work done but we have a lot of work ahead of us. If you'd like to participate in the development of Zombie Panic: Source, please visit our application forums and apply

Don't forget, ModDB's Mod of the Year Awards has moved on to PHASE 2 today and means that the Top100 mods were selected and all votes have been RESET. So please visit our ModDB Profile and Vote ZPS this years Released Mod of the Year!


ZP Development Team

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