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Maps HL2: Episode 2 Maria Haunted Map

A silly level I made with my little sister. You have to rescue her from the basement of a haunted house filled with zombies. She came up...


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Maps Half-Life 2: Find Gman Map

This map is actually a big maze where you have to find g-man. Be careful though, there are quite a lot of enemies in this map. But with all...


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Maps Episode Two: Combine Raid - Get out Alive Map

You're sitting in your bedroom playing some half life when you hear an explosion outside your window. You look outside and see the entire ho...


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Maps Half-Life 2: EP2 Canyon Outpost Map (v1.0)

This level is set in a combine outpost, in a canyon. You can pick one of three enemys to face (Zombines, Antlions, and Strider+Hunter pairs)...


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Maps Half-Life 2: EP2 Bunker Map (v1.0)

This is the first map i have made from Valve's Source SDK. Please Give me feed Back about this map. There still may be some errors. • Op...


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Maps Half-Life 2: EP2 - Xenoporph Map (v1.0)

This is the authors first map and he named it xenoporph. So basically the storyline is you traveled with a vortigaunt and now you fight comb...


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