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Miscellaneous Half-Life 2 Alyx and Freeman menu Background

An image that replaces the default Half-Life 2 menu background with an image of Alyx And Gordan Freeman


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Miscellaneous Half-Life 2 South Park Game background

I enjoyed this background. It takes two South Park characters and makes them into Half-Life 2 characters


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Miscellaneous Half-Life 2 Menu Graffiti Skins

A few custom made skins that replace the ordinary Half-Life 2 menu skin


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Miscellaneous Half-Life 2 Get a Life Media Pack

A media pack for the upcoming Get a Life mod for Half-Life 2. This pack features map screens, Weapon Models, Wallpaper, and music. Get A...


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Miscellaneous Half-Life 2 Files' Top 100 worst PotD ever!

This "showcases" a fine collection of some of the worst Pictures of the Day as submitted by our visitors. This offline file includes an i...


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Miscellaneous SMOD: Navirus Patch Complete

808's- Better strider- Improves menu selections- Press "h" now gives you stickybomb to shoot at gunship (before the jeep bridge jump)- Bette...


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