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Monsters Half-Life 2 Black Widow Strider With No Red Eyes

This is a Black Widow Strider with no red eye's, if you do want the red eye's, check please check [url="http://www.hl2files.com/file/;406...


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Monsters Half-Life 2 Black Dropship Monster Skin

A Black Dropship, looks pretty cool... (the pic doesnt really show how it will look ingame, just try it ingame and ull see what i mean lo...


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Monsters Half Life 2 Combine Elite Police Skin

Finally a reskin for the Combine Police! There haven't been many in quite some time. This skin reskins the Combine Metropolice from Half Lif...


Monsters Half Life 2 Hi-Res Headcrab Skin

Someone's been inspired! ;) Ness has created a hi-resolution headcrab skin for the original headcrab. One of the most noticeable changes is...


Monsters Half-Life 2: Fast Zombie Skin

This fast zombie skin for Half-life 2 gives it darker and more realistic look.


Monsters Half-Life 2: Zombified Gman Skin

This is a cool Zombie replacement model/skin for Half-life 2. Great job! See the readme below for installation instructions and full c...


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