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Prefabs Half-Life 2 Grav Gun Prefab

Most importantly, this cannon does not fire real projectiles, it fires func_physboxes, prop_physics, and prop_ragdoll. This fiel is for no r...


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Prefabs Half-Life 2 Prop Light Set Prefab

These prefabs were created to save heap-loads of time aligning the props and assigning each a light. So, I created my own that I used in my...


Prefabs Source SDK Prefabricated Buildings

These are 2 buildings taken off of a decompiled city 17 style map, these buildings however, are not intended to be used in a skybox.


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Prefabs Half-Life 2: EP2 Usable Combine Sniper Rifle

The name says it all. Annoyed that snipers never drop their guns out the window? Do you hate the vortigaunt for not charging up the rifle fa...


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