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All Files In Half-Life 2 SinglePlayer
SinglePlayer Half-Life 2 SP Save Alyx Map

Single player mission. Alyx has been captured by the Combine. Save her!! The level is nicely done. This should keep you occupied for a littl...


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SinglePlayer Half-Life 2: Gravity Gun Hazard Course Single Player Map

Gravity Gun Hazard Course is a single player map by TheBusGuy. It's fairly difficult using only the gravity gun to complete the puzzles....


SinglePlayer Half-Life 2 SP Hanger Map

For the beloved SinglePlayer lovers, here is another single player map! Description From Readme the map is a conversion of lev...


SinglePlayer Half-Life 2 SP Apartment PTK Map

Thats right, another single player map for all your "Singloholics" made by Puppet_That_Kills and sonnyregis Here's the story:...


SinglePlayer Half-Life 2 Leon's SP Map Pack

The maps seem to replay themselves, but theres really good objects and pathways, some of the buildings look similar, but not copy pasted. Th...


SinglePlayer Half-Life 2 Night of a Million Zombies SP Map

Mister Dan brings us the latest version of Night of a Million Zombies, just in time to quench the SP lovers and the Zombie hater's thirst f...


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SinglePlayer Half-Life 2 SP Sublimation Map

A very cool pilotable gunship map, and it's not even a mod. This is sort of a snort in the face of the strider mod, maybe they should team u...


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SinglePlayer Half-Life 2 SP Purchases Map

Quote From Readme This is an entirely entity based hl2sp buy system. It would be better to make a mod for this. (Hammer crashes a...


SinglePlayer Half-Life 2 SP NOAMZ Map

New scoreboard and taken away checkpoints, another must download.


SinglePlayer Half-Life 2 SP Xworld Map

A map in which you save your friends, but it just looks like a big room with a spider.


SinglePlayer Half-Life 2 SP Land Of Death Map

In this SinglePlayer map there is only one mission, stay alive... Have fun!


SinglePlayer Half-Life 2 SP Under Siege

A single player map for Half-Life 2, to run the map, open the console (~) and type: map under_seige To enable the console, open "Options\...


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SinglePlayer Half-Life 2 SP ManHackers Map

Small map designed for fun... not detail! 281 manhackers 2 Floor Turrets You get every single gun in this map, but not heaps of ammo so m...


SinglePlayer Half-Life 2 SP Return of the Resistance Maps

Story: You are Gordon Freeman (aka: the "Free-man"), you were placed in the city over powered by the combine force to help the re...


SinglePlayer Half-Life 2 SP ManHackers Map

How long will you survive in this room full of manhackers?


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SinglePlayer Half-Life 2: SP Garrison Map

You and a garrison of rebel troops are holding down an important target to the combine forces and the combine will do anything to recover th...


SinglePlayer Half-Life 2 SP Hidden Lab

Story: Deep below the ground on the side of a cliff, a scientist was working on a secret weapon to destroy the aliens before th...


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SinglePlayer Half-Life 2 SP Nuclear Plant Map

Another doom like single player map for all you singloholics!, includes 6 secrets and 47 monsters.


SinglePlayer Half-Life 2 SP Freshman Map

Everyone in this team are studying MedieTechnology at Linköpings Technical University in Sweden. This was our final project in a course we w...


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SinglePlayer Half-Life 2 SP AV2 & Policeraid Maps

These two maps are single-player maps, you could also call them "Arena" or "Survival" maps. There's no plot whatsoever, and to put it bluntl...


SinglePlayer Half-Life 2 Garrison SP Map

This is an update for the Single Player Map Garrison, in whcih you are pitted against legions of Cmbine troops, charged with taking the post...


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SinglePlayer Half life 2 SP Night Of A Million Zombies

This Single Player map is quite easy, kill as many zombies as you can!, but beware, there are allot of zombies want to eat you alive. ...


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SinglePlayer Half-Life 2 SP Hidden Lab Map

File moved Here


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SinglePlayer Half-Life 2 SP Target Range Map

This is Implaying885's first map, Very well done as well. Target range is a map based on what else, a target range. You can pickup crossb...


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