Half-Life 2

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Weapon Pack Half-Life 2 Weapon Skin Pack

This is a small texture pack that can be applied to a variety of game modifications for half life 2, the example given in the readme is Garr...


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Weapon Pack Half-Life 2: Blue Combine Stunstick

Here's a rare new skin for the Combine Stun-stick. It's been recolored to be more blue, as well as give off more of a blue glow, in keeping...


Weapon Pack Half-Life 2: Default Weapon Reskin Pack

This is version 2 of VertThrasher's "Default Weapon Reskin Pack". All weapons have been re-skinned with a much higher quality skin and a...


Hands and Gloves Half-Life 2 (CW) Wolf Hands Skin

This is as you can see on the file name, a Wolf Hand skin. As the other skin that (CW) made that was for the NPC Combine, this has been made...


Hands and Gloves Half-Life 2: Rebel Hands Skin

This is a rebel re-skin of the hands for Half-life 2.


Hands and Gloves Half-Life 2: Combine Soldier Hands Skin

These are very nicely done Combine hands skins for Half-life 2. They should work in most source based mods.