Half-Life 2

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Skins Half-Life 2 Source Icons

Source Icons for: - HL² - HLS - CSS - DODS Check out the screenshot and have fun! :D


Skins Half-Life 2 RedDawn Combine Strider Skin

This skin made by DaGooN has the looks of a ladybug, but then thousands times bigger ^_^. Have fun!


Skins Half-Life 2 Goth Alyx Skin

A very bizzare Alyx skin by DittoMagnet.


Skins CS: Source AC/DC Loading Screen Skin

A CS: Source Loading screen from AC/DC


Skins Half-Life 2 Citizen Control Skin

CITIZEN CONTROL My 1st Skin, Hope yall dig it. For Combine Prison Guard. Based (as close as I could) off of the HL2DM -Main Menu-...


Skins Half-Life 2 Crimson DeathBringer Skin

Crimson DeathBringer My 2nd Skin, Hope yall dig it. For Combine Super Soldier. Inspired by Fragger's Black Armored Elite Skin. (GREAT...


Skins Half-Life 2 Urban Recon Combine Soldier Skin

He's mean, he's angry, and he wants to eat your head off, it's the Urban Recon Combine Soldier, fear him. Ketch has done a good job here...


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Skins Half-Life 2 Camo Rebel Hands Skin

This is a re-skin of the standard hands/arms for Half Life 2. The camo pattern looks great, and just feels cool to "wear". The author recomm...


Skins Half-Life 2 Undead Alyx Player Skin

Very nice skin. It's an undead person with a green skin. Looks very nice indeed, especially with that clothing.


Skins Valve World Icon Pack

An incredibly detailed and creative icon pack for all your favorite Valve games and mods! Check out the pictures below for a preview of t...


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Skins FF Hi-Res Skin Pack

The pack replace the Facemap-Textures of this characters: Alyx Barney Dr. Breen Father Grigori Eli Dr. Kleiner Mossman Colonel Ode...


Skins Half-Life 2 Roger Rangers Battle Ground 2 Skin Pack

This is a skin pack, which changes the default soldiers into roger rangers, definately worth a download.


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Skins Rag Doll Kung Fu mrNinya's Skin Pack

mrNinya has presented us with a great skin pack for Rag Doll Kung Fu. Stylise your wacky kung fu experience with the following new character...


Skins Half-Life 2 Yellow Menu Yellow Hud

These Schemes are yellow, if you like yellow, you'll like these. The Counter Strike Source version Includes The Yellow HUD. The Half life 2...


Skins Half Life 2: Alyx Browncoat Outfit

This is a outfit for Alyx inspired by the TV show 'Firefly' for both Half Life 2 and HL2 Episode 1. Bugs that you may come across are in dir...


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Skins Half Life 2: Citizen Control Combine

This is a Skin for Combine Prison Guard and/or Combine Soldier for Multiplayer or SP. The only thing different about this version is the aut...


Skins Half Life 2 : Dukes of Hazzard Combine Elite

This is a Half Life 2 Skin (General Lee Edition) for Combine Super Soldier (Elite) Model. The file includes both Regular-Resolution and Hig...


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Skin Packs Jurassic Rage Winamp Skin

This skin for Winamp was created by Elkz from the HL2 Mod 'Jurassic Rage'. Jurassic Rage have also released a Steam skin! Get it HERE!


Skin Packs Half-Life 2 Death Match Weapon Skin pack

A pack of skins for Half-Life 2 Death Match It contains the following skins. 1. Pistol 2. smg1 3. shotgun 4. rpg 5. 357 magnum 6. smg...


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Skin Packs Half Life 2 DM Christmas Pack

Half-Life 2 DM Christmas pack giving all the citizens Christmas hats!


Skin Packs Half-Life 2 Black Armored Elite Skin

A nice Skin to replace those common white elites in Half-Life 2.


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Skin Packs Half-Life 2 Red Guard Skin

Half-Life 2 Red Guard Skin


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Skin Packs Half-Life 2 Guard Green Camo Skin

Half-Life 2 Guard Green Camo Skin


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Skin Packs Half-Life 2 Green Guard Skin

Half-Life 2 Green Guard Skin