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Steam Matrix Reloaded Steam Skin

Now a Matrix: Reloaded Steam skin. Hmmm... What will they think of next?!? -Amp


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Steam Fire War Skin

Firewar has released there steam skin. It's really amazing and highly recommended to those of you who love Half-Life2 and want everything to...


Steam HalfLife2Files.com Skin

VeNoM has gone and put some finishing touches on the excellent HalfLife2Files Steam skin he originally sent us. Among the changes are a new...


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Steam Chick Steam Skin

This is a Steam Skin of some good-lookin chick. Uh, I found this submitted by a guy named...uh... "Bill Clinton"... Yeah, so d/l if you wi...


Steam Op: CO-IN Steam

This is the official Op: CO-IN Steam skin. We highly recommend you visit their webiste for more info about this skin and the mod. http://op...


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Steam Matrix (original) Steam Skin

This is a skin for Steam that is black box w/ green letters and an o.k. bg picture on the main window. Great button placement. -Amp


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Steam Jurassic Rage Steam Skin

This skin for Steam was created by r3men4nt from the HL2 Mod 'Jurassic Rage'. Jurassic Rage have also released a Winamp skin! Get it HERE...


Steam FFTT Skin

FFTT skin This is a skin for steam in the Fight For The Throne mod theme Credits Build by Thanatos (modleader of Fi...


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Steam Dragon Steam Skin

This is a newly-created Steam skin of a silver dragon and a black dragon, and the windows are white. -Amp


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Steam NFS: Underground Steam skin

Very nicely done skin of the best racing game out there- Need for Speed: Underground. -Amp


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Steam Lamborghini Steam Skin

This is a very nice looking Steam skin of a black Lamborghini. Simple, but very nicely done. Works great, just read the readme and install...


Steam "Purple Ambience" Steam Skin

This Steam skin is a soothing purple abstract...thing. Well done. ATTENTION: This is the last non-hl2 related steam skin to be put up....


Steam Counter-Strike Steam Skin

A Counter-Strike Skin for Steam.


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Steam Clan Of Dead Goat Steam Skin

A Steam skin dedicated to the members and mods of the CDG forums.


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Steam High Octane Steam Skin #1

A great steam skin by the HL2 Mod High Octane.


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Steam High Octane Steam Skin #2

A great steam skin by the HL2 Mod High Octane.


Steam HL2 Steam Skin by SlotH

This is a very nice Steam skin, made by SlotH. Check out the screenshot, and download if you like.


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Steam Cold War : Melting Point Steam Skin

AnError has updated the CW:MP Steam skin to suit the new web-site theme. Extract to /Steam/Skins.


Steam Steam Counter Strike: Source skin

A Steam skin based of the game Counter Strike: Source


Steam Steam Citizen-132 Skin

A Steam Skin from the modders at Citizen-132.


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Steam Lost Souls Steam Skin

A Steam Skin based on the clan Lost Souls


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Steam Steam Insomnia skin

A simple Steam skin that I made for my Friend Insomnia


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Steam Steam CS: Source skin

A steam skin themed off the game Counter Strike: Source


Steam Steam Game Icons Pack

This is a pretty sweet set of game icons to replace the default ones in Steam :)


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