Battle Grounds 2: v1.1b Full Client Release

Here is the newer version of the Battlegrounds 2 modification, this is version 1.1b. This modification is essentially a game that covers the...


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Here is the newer version of the Battlegrounds 2 modification, this is version 1.1b. This modification is essentially a game that covers the battles over the colonies of the now US a few years before the declaration of Independence from the British "Empire". This modification will allow you to fight as either the British in there attempt to keep their territory within the New England area or you could fight as the American rebel forces in their attempt to rid their country of the British influence.

There are six different classes of soldier that you can choose from which have weapons that range from muskets to rifles, sabres and knives. All of the different types of soldier have a different feeling although most of the weapons will only fire one round before you have to reload. Also with the Melee weapons you can use knives and the end of your rifles to kill your opponents.

The battles within the modification are fought in huge open areas, some of the maps are fairly large that it will take minutes to cross the battlefield which can be an advantage for those that want to use tactics or even for those that want to, have a game of hide and seek!

The weapons also include cannons which you can use to defend your forces against the enemy forces, or defend fortifications or important pathways, these weapons if use correctly can have a big impact on the game.

This modification is highly recommended for those that want to have battles in the late 18th Century (1700s), however this does mean that there won't be any fast firing weapons of the more recent age, so if you are looking for those types of weapons then this game is not for you. This modification also includes highly detailed particle effects and detailed and well made grass and dense bushes to walk though.

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Download 'bg21.1b.exe' (272.71MB)

== The Battle Grounds 2 ==

This Half-life 2 DM-based mod was initially made by Tomas Härdin( as an experiment for two days. The basic premise was: "How fast could a simple conversion of The Battle Grounds to Source be done?"

A weapon(revolutionnaire) from The Battle Grounds was converted to Source friendly format, including textures and sounds(well, .wav still works fine). And a map was made.

Seeing as all basic weapon logic is there, the only thing left for a full conversion is converting each model, code them in, add some game modes and maps. So the experiment was a success, and it should be doable in a week or two given enough energy input.

== External Credits: ==

- Jockum Skoglund aka Hipshot
- Darklord
- Flask

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== Version History: ==

1.1b - 20070928
 fixed various bugs
 new voicecomms, some old ones replaced for a total of 19
 all voicecomms rerecorded
 voicecomm sounds are class- and team-specific (infantry and riflemen on each team share comms atm)
 battlecry is not in the voicecomm menus (Z and X) but bound alone to C by default
 weapons now have proper draw sounds
 improved network performance (removed unused vars)
 new melee code
 increased crouch player hull - crouched players can now be headshot from a distance
 readded hl2dm weapons and hl2 npcs to make linux compile work..
 fixed bg2 options menu - settings now save to config.cfg
 all maps updated or new
 new maps:
 removed maps:
 added cvars:
  cl_winmusic		- play the win music on round restarts?
  cl_hitverif		- display text saying who you hit and where?
  sv_retracing_melee	- toggles the new melee code (somewhat experimental)
 added entities:
  mapfilter_excluder	- used to specify which entities to keep on round restart. see fgd

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