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A cool CSS skin for Steam.


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Software Name: Counter-Strike: Source skin
Developer: Skladfin
Developer E-Mail: skladfntid_is_cool@hotmail.com
Developer WebSite: http://members.shaw.ca/dragonspace/home.html

Copy the [Counter-Strike Source] folder into the game directory(Program Files\Valve\Steam\skins)
and go to the [settings] on the steam menu and select [inteface] and change the skin to [Counter-Strike Source]

Why the heck did i made this skin?:
I first made this skin for my personal use but my friends some how stole it and it spreaded,
and my friends told me like "It's really great!" or "It's so cool man!" so i am publicating
this skin now(I am developing more skins for Steam).

Special Thanks to...
NickMade Inc(www.nickmade.com) for letting me use the [Half Life 2 Gordon FreeMan] skin for
General model

Requesting a skin for your steam:
You may request me to make a skin for you as long as you send a picture of what you want me
to put on your skin(Adult/Overly Gross content unacceptable).

Happy Fragging people!!

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