Dragonball: Source v0.1.21 Client Patch

For those DB: Source lovers, here is yet another patch! Check out the below change logs.

Fixes: - PS crash bugs - Lockon cra...


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For those DB: Source lovers, here is yet another patch! Check out the below change logs.


- PS crash bugs - Lockon crash bug when your lockon target leaves the server - No longer get stuck with the use key - Adjusted dash punch damage to not be so overpowered - No longer get stuck if flinched too many times in a short period of time - Can no longer power up while teleporting - Reduced damage reduction for all players - Teleport Behind takes player sizes into account now - Fixed bug where certain kills weren't being recorded by stats - Fixed stats saving too often error (less lag now) - !nextmap and !timeleft no longer report in doubles - Winning a round is now recorded properly by stats - Must be on ground to recharge stamina and ki - Can no longer go over 125% pl, 125% is max - KOTH trigger box no longer makes energy attacks explode in your face - MOTD now appears on map restart every time - When a player is holding a dragonball with less then 10% pl the dball shows up on radar properly now - Fixed getting stuck in fly mode when smashed out of the air - Various other minor tweaks


- Added various admin commands (see website for details) - Team balance command added - Disable beams command added - Set number of playable teams command added - Added command to set winning score for KOTH - Respawn time command added

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Download 'dbsv0.1.21clientpatch.exe' (5.13MB)

(All commands are typed in the in game chat area starting with !)
!resetexp: Resets everyone's max powerlevel to the server minimum and deletes the stored info for players
!kick: "kick Gundy" to kick player Gundy
!kickid: "kickid 4" to kick player with id 4 (to see player ids just type rcon status in console
!ban: "ban Gundy 10" will ban Gundy for 10 minutes
!banid: "ban 4 10" will ban id 4 for 10 minutes (0 is forever)
!shuffle: will shuffle the teams completely random
!putteam: "putteam Gundy 2" will put Gundy on team 2
!putteamid: "putteamid 2 4" will put id 2 on team 4
!map: "map dbs_paradise" will change map to dbs_paradise
!gamemode" "gamemode 2" will put the gamemode to 2 (0 = death match, 1 = capture the dragonballs, 2 = king of the hill
!setmassexp" "setmassexp 200000000" will set every players power level to 200million

Server commands
(these are either set with rcon or in the server.cfg files)
sv_numberofteams: sets the max number of teams, default is 4
sv_disableflying: 0 = flying off, 1 = flying on
sv_disablebeams: 0 = beams disabled, 1 = beams enabled
sv_disableleveling: default is on (turn off level up system)
sv_statson: default is on
sv_averagepl: default is on (averages a players pl on join)
sv_balanceteams: force teams to be balanced (default is on)
sv_kothpointstowin: amount of points a team needs to win koth, default 750 (might be high)
sv_respawntime: amount of time in seconds a player must wait to respawn (default is 5 seconds)

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