Dragonball: Source v0.1.3 Client Release

For those who have been waiting for it, Dragonball: Source v.0.1.3 Has been Released! To let you know, this is not the Saiyan Saga re...


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For those who have been waiting for it, Dragonball: Source v.0.1.3 Has been Released! To let you know, this is not the Saiyan Saga release. Perhaps some of you may be disappointed, but rest assured. This release will have bug fixes and new features as well! Such as a new smoke effect after firing beams, when jumping / falling on the ground. New trail effect at swooping, and even a nice christmas map at release! Check out the first screenshot below for a small preview of the map.

Release Notes:

Additions: - Added mushroom cloud to special attack explosions - Added smoke effects for small explosions - Added powerup smoke/water effects - Added a dash dust trail - Added some new songs plus one christmas song - Added a christmas version of dbs_paradise - Added christmas outfits for all characters - Added several snow textures and models - Added new voicechat features

DBS Release Notes for Sound Design/Music: - Improved Quality of audio. - Over 2000+ Character Dialogue added in game. - New improved attack Sound Effects. - Mix down and audio balancing now in game. - Custom UI sounds added. - Technical audio research done, providing quicker response time for audio loading off Hard Drives. Creating less lag and audio popping sounds. - Six new songs added into game, Namek saga preview tracks from upcoming new sound track release. - Improved song randomization, playing additional songs not played before in older release builds.

Changes: - Power struggles now require you to charge the bar to full power to have best effects - Rapid fire explosions now vaporize bodies instead of just leaving them on the ground - Modified a bunch of textures to be brighter and more dbzish - Adjusted the auto aim to be more accurate - Changed hud color schemes and background images - Can only turbo fly forwards, not on angles or up/down

Bug Fixes: - Fixed self power struggle bug and crash issues - Fixed bug where you could fly under the map on certain maps - Fixed bug where you could heal with no stamina or no ki - Fixed bug where looping sounds wouldn't stop on destructo disks - Widescreen is now fully supported

Note! The *.RAR file is containing an *.MSI Installation file! Make sure you direct the installation to the right folder (point it to your sourcemod folder) as default it has been set to your program files / steam folder

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Download 'dbsourcev0.1.3.rar' (361.35MB)

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