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A server patch for the Eternal Silence mod has been released. See below for more information a...


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A server patch for the Eternal Silence mod has been released. See below for more information about this release.

Patch 2.2 has just been posted. This is a hotfix patch for 2.1 and will work both from 2.0 and 2.1. Here is the change log:

Version 2.2 - February 13th [FIX] - Fixed medic exploit and healing aura [FIX] - Removed subsystems from team outpost bases in es_asteroid [FIX] - Made center base capturable by both teams and added a subsystem in es_asteroid [FIX] - Fixed texture problems in ngm_destroyer [FIX] - Updates to aethra station materials [FIX] - Default mouse sensitivity in space increased

This brings beta 2 to a stable state. The next patch, 2.3 is slated for March 1st or 2nd and will focus mainly on interface improvements that have been suggested in our forums.

Also note that tomorrow, at around 2PM EST, ES's Marc Moehrlin will be interviewed by about Eternal Silence. The program will be broadcast on TV and online stream. It will be in German, but a translated version with subtitles will be posted here as soon as it becomes available, for those who are interested.

The team is settling into a nice patching routine which we will be keeping up, things are moving steadily and we hope to have a great showing at IGF by March. See you all in deep space!

You must have at least version 2.0 of the mod for this patch. You can get it HERE <--Server File


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