FakeFactory CM5 v0.8 Patch Final Release

This pack updates v0.5 - v0.7 to the actual v0.8! And will be the last version of Cinematic Mod! This version will fix quite a lot of bu...


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This pack updates v0.5 - v0.7 to the actual v0.8! And will be the last version of Cinematic Mod! This version will fix quite a lot of bugs that was in the previous v0.7 release. And yes, you saw it right.. This will be the last release of Cinematic Mod. I'd like to thank FakeFactory for his great and awesome work he provided to everyone. For more details about it, please do read below:

My little farewell-statement: After tons of critics about the new HD models (some of them really very personal) i will stop all further activity in the HL2 community. Several times in the past weeks i was thinking, half of the community are either kiddies or must be brain-dead. They are bitching about *optional* features in a *optional* mod, that is *entirely* free. Alyx looks not more like Alyx? Hell, yes! THAT IS EXACTLY, WHAT I WANTED! Should i modify a game, without modifying it? With the character pimper i released a tool for those people to easily deselect unwanted content. The answer was more bitching, more complaints. One original phrase, i received: "i can't select my old CM3 models with your shitty tool. now i must play with your fuggly-ugly hd models and a alyx, who looks like a bitch." (Unfortunately he didn't told me, where i can find such pretty looking hookers.) No more. I'm out. This mod will remain at beta-state forever. Its currently quite bug-free, but there will be no further development. Let me thank skyrider and the hl2files staff for two years filehosting. I wish you all a nice time. FAKEFACTORY

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Download 'cm520beta05to08.7z' (407.6MB)

Technical info:

The latest Source-Engine Code still doesn't fix its 2 GB Limit. I worked
around this with an modified Bin folder inside this mod.
To prevent Steam from overwriting this binaries with its own files from
the depository, i use a little launcher, that bypasses the steam
filesystem. This launcher is rerouting steams "allways overwrite
binaries with my own" behaviour to >NIL and starts the mod.


V 0.8     - Bugfixed "Character Pimper" (some elements didn't show up ->
navigation was impossible)
   - Bugfixed synced music (wrong folder - sorry)
   - Changed the Eyes shader to a new EP2 shader for more realistic
refraction (Many thanks to Kyle Bloss)
   - Updated most vehicles textures
   - Second bunch of reworked environment textures

V 0.7    - Bugfix for the latest engine update
   - Reduced Zombie_Classic polycount (preventing "Too many vertices
for vertexbuffer" error when many zombies are visible)
   - Reworked some soundfiles/scripts for forced
Music-Scene-Synchronisation (prevents asynchronous music after pressing
ESC or pause)
   - Reworked textures
   - Some new textures
   - Updated texture for Valve-HD-Alyx (still early beta)

V 0.6:    - New Alyx models (the Valve-HD-Alyx is very very early beta)
   - New corps model
   - First bunch of reworked environment textures
   - Some updated beta 05 textures

V 0.5:     - First public testrelease

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