Fistful of Frags Beta v1.3 - 1.35 Patch

Beta 1.35 offers significant improvements in the objective localization system. There are also a few major bugs/exploits fixed, and the usua...


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Beta 1.35 offers significant improvements in the objective localization system. There are also a few major bugs/exploits fixed, and the usual weapon balances meant to increase the weapon diversity and make the game faster. Player forward speed also was increased a bit and weapon view models are bigger, more natural, the iron sights are easier to use. This update doesn't offer as much new content as past updates did, you'll have to wait for beta 1.4.

Also feel free to try this water texture replacement if your performance isn't good enough in those maps with water. Then your mod installation will use low quality water instead normal one, but framerate should be better in most cases.

If you don't already have the game grab Half-Life 2: Fistful of Frags V1.3 Full

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Download 'fof_b1.31.35a_clientupdae.exe' (5.42MB)

ull Changelog


- objectives indicator redone, many additions and improvements: objectives are easier to locate, new graphics with separate icons for sacks/crates, all players can see how much time lefts to deliver the loot, new objectives pop-up for 7 seconds automatically, loot being delivered is added to team money meter to let players know how much loot could be added, potentially.
- HUD team money meter gaphic
- Pass the loot: players can pass the loot to teammates standing near them and pressing USE
- fof_limitweaponry convar: let you create games where the only weapons allowed are short ranged
- bullet impact sounds


- client crashing sometimes (those faults due our mod, there can be others unrelated...)
- Henry rifle reload bugs (reload without bullets not working / no possible to stop reloading)
- "Protecting" indicator
- Objective crates not respawning
- Using hand cart to reach certain places in FDM


- View weapon models are bigger, better looking, iron sights easier to use
- Henry rifle rate of fire increased around +30%, faster reload, same accuracy while ironsighted, half as good without IS
- Dual Navy increased RoF +15%, less aim inaccuracy accumulated
- Bow, knives and axe: headshots are possible now
- Coachgun pellet spread increased (+1 degree), makes harder to do significant damage over distance
- Colt Peacemaker damage increased 35->40
- Player Hull and eyes position tweaked to reflect more accurately player dimensions (prevents to stand ducked in certain places, and having the sensation you are under cover when is it not).
- Spawn system in FDM tweaked: max distance to find a spawn point reduced.
- Player forward speed increased +10%
- AntiTK system improved: players are banned (but not kicked) in the exact moment the poll starts, so in case they leave server won´t get in again. If player is declared innocent the ban will be removed.
- Team balancing system slightly tweaked to prevent undesired effects
- voice commands / taunts have different pitch for each team

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